The Services

At KDON, it's understood that a good consulting firm never accepts a job that they're not qualified to handle. It's also known that clients want the convenience of a single source for all their consulting needs.

That's what KDON Marine Consulting can provide.

KDON Marine Consulting is a network of specialists, experienced in the following areas:

  • Marine Operations
  • Maritime Personal Injury Claims
  • Marine casualties
  • Coast Guard Safety Rules & Regulations
  • Safe Operating Practices
  • Professional Development Training
  • Management Training
  • Shipboard emergency procedures
  • Marine Licensing and Certification
  • Navigation Rules and Regulations
  • Radar Use and Requirements
  • Vessel Manning Requirements
  • Collisions, Groundings and Sinkings
  • Marine Investigations

KDON Marine Consulting has served clients by providing:

  • Expert witness service in personal injury cases involving various types of vessels and marine facilities.
  • Identification and investigation of marine companies that qualify as acquisition targets.
  • Assistance to financial institutions with vessel repossession, storage, and management.
  • Substantiation of vessel valuation surveys.
  • Review of maritime business plans to verify collateral values and operational assumptions.